You pounded the Pineapple Gose for International Women’s Day and the Wildberry Milkshake Gose this fall. This winter, we are proud to bring you the next installment in our Pastry Ale Series: the Raspberry Milkshake Gose.

Our traditional Gose style ale is tart and fruity. It’s refreshing with bright flavors that compliment the sour kick you get with each sip. The tartness comes mostly from Sour Patch Kids (not really), but also from Sour Pitch, a lactic acid bacteria we add in the kettle, which brings characteristics not just of tartness, but also citrus and green apple.

We started fruiting our Gose during fermentation to highlight fruity, tart, and sometimes sweet fruit flavors. The Gose’s low pH creates a crisper, sharper flavor than other styles, which in combination with low bitterness and unique tartness, lend this style well to fruit additions.

To create the “milkshake” effect in the Wildberry and Raspberry iterations, we added lactose and vanilla, which enhance the fruit and mellow the tartness. The effect is similar to putting whipped cream on a pastry or ordering your pie à la mode. It’s crushable, shareable, and calling your name for the long winter weekends that lie ahead.

Release Details:

Friday, December 14 at Noon

Only available in the Inbound taproom on tap and in 750mL crowlers

Urban Sub Food Truck will be on site 4-8pm

DJ Kramer will be spinning vinyl 8-11pm

Beer Description:

Our Gose got the raspberry Christmas pie treat. A dash of lactose and vanilla make this tart beer taste like a slice of Granny’s raspberry pie—à la mode, of course. 

4.6% ABV, 20 IBUs