We're welcoming a new beer to our world: the Minnemosa Brüt IPA. This beer is inspired by our traditional Brüt IPA, which keeps a light hop character and finishes dry, just like a brüt champagne. The Minnemosa version, however, is exceptionally juicy with notes of pineapple, mango, and tangerine. Plus, it has zero IBUs!

Our brewers start this recipe with a unique process in the mash tun to break down the malt's long sugar chains, making them even more fermentable and creating a dry effect. A combination of tropical hops and a juicy yeast strain lend this brew its “mimosa” effect. Adding the hops late in the brewing process allows us to enjoy all their juiciness with absolutely no bitterness.

Raise your pint (or champagne glass) to a beer that’s juicy, dry, and zero IBUs!

5.2% ABV / 0 IBU