We're welcoming a new beer to our world: the Brüt IPA. This beer style keeps a light hop character and finishes dry, just like a brüt champagne. It releases in the taproom on Friday, August 24. Drop by our spot in the North Loop at noon for an early sip, or hang with us late into the night.

Our brewers start this recipe with a unique process in the mash tun to break down the malt's long sugar chains, making them even more fermentable. Then, the brewers add Hallertau Blanc hops, a German hop variety with flavors of white-wine and fruit, plus aromas of cassis, elderflower, grapes, grapefruit and lemongrass. These hops create a delicate balance between hoppy IPA and light champagne.

The result is a light-colored IPA made for all-day drinking.

5.9% ABV / 57 IBU