Wednesday July 3 // 11am at First Draft // 12pm at Inbound Brewco

When First Draft called Inbound BrewCo and Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative to compete in their Final 4 beer competition, both teams proudly rose to the challenge. Following weeks of stiff competition and mildly raucous beer drinking, each advanced all the way to the final round.

At the final competition, both teams lined up, prepared to kill their keg faster than the other. Glasses were filled, beer was chugged, and a sharp eye was kept on the keg level indicators.

After 10 minutes and 25 seconds, the competition was determined to have finished in a tie. Thus, a beer camaraderie was born, and a collaboration was inevitable.

The name Shot Clock is a nod to the inception of Broken Clock and Inbound’s relationship in the photo-finish moments of our Final 4 competition.

Shot Clock is a gorgeously juicy, hazy American Pale Ale made with a soft malt bill plus light-profile rice and corn adjuncts. It’s hopped with Cashmere and Idaho #7 hops in the boil, and finally triple dry hopped with fruity, tropical Idaho #7 and Hallertau Ariana hops. 4.7% ABV, 38 IBUs.

You can get your hands on the beer first at First Draft on July 3 at 11am. We’ll then bar crawl back to Inbound BrewCo at Noon to celebrate with the release at the site where it was brewed.

The beer will also be available in crowlers at the Inbound taproom and later in 4-pack 16oz cans in local metro-area liquor stores.