• Inbound BrewCo (map)
  • 701 North 5th Street
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55401
  • United States



Ever walk by a house party spinning Stax and Chess records with a crew of folk inside that seem like they'd help you move your sister in to her new place tomorrow after chatting for 10 minutes? Add a case of Hamm's, maybe some instruments and you've got RLGDPPL.

RLGDPPL (Real Good People for long) is a rhythm and blues rooted rock band out of Minneapolis. Like Joe Cocker? Us too. Spoon? Ditto. Bill Withers? Yep. Broken Bells? Uh huh. The Meters? We should get bunk beds.. We play good time moving music that's loose and colorful and we aim to be familiar but always fresh.

Jesse Finnish Mattila, leads the band through the occasionally treacherous but never dull waters of his past life via the rubber dingy that is his mind. Matt Brandes rows onward with his tasteful guitar prowess, Matt/Mookie Tierney navigates with sultry organ and keyboard sounds and the dynamic duo "Steak and Tators" Ryan Cihlar (drums) and Adam Dodge (bass guitar) keep the boat right side up.

Check em out: https://www.facebook.com/RLGDPPL/ or https://twitter.com/Rlgdppl