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Bandcamp page: http://lakewoodcemetery.bandcamp.com/

Lakewood Cemetery is Katrina Schleisman and Dan Krzykowski

Nick Salisbury played bass on all tracks except Not This Time. 

Jordan Carlson played drums. 

Dan played guitars, including acoustic, electric, dobro, 12-string electric, and baritone. 

Auxiliary percussion was played by Katrina, Dan, and Greg Schutte. 

All tracks except Not This Time were recorded and edited by Greg Schutte at Bathtub Shrine Recording Studio in Northeast Minneapolis.

The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Krzykowski. 

Dan played all of the things on Not This Time, except piano, which was played by Nick Kaihoi. 

All songs written by Lakewood Cemetery. Mostly Katrina. 

The album was co-produced by...everybody. Why not? Nick Salisbury sat in the leader's chair for all basic tracking, and was an indispensable part of this album. He streamlined arrangements, charted tunes, and was the controlling opinion in all "We've got it," versus "Let's do one more," decisions. 

Greg Schutte shaped the recorded sounds. He engineered, coached, and contributed to arrangements. He also owns and manages Bathtub Shrine, which we would whole-heartedly recommend to anyone and everyone. 

Jordan played drums on songs that had not previously had drums or written drum parts. Several songs took drastically different shape from their demo versions because of his choices. 

Lakewood Cemetery wrote songs, practiced them, and our name is on it, so we get most of the credit.