The Inbound brewing, packaging, and bartending teams have been holding on to this news for far too long, and it’s finally time to let it out — our Pastry Ale series is officially coming to a 4-pack near you. The Pastry Ale series a collection of beers inspired by the display case at your favorite bakery: sweet, tart, and sometimes à la mode. Our first release in the series is the Wildberry Milkshake Sour.

Crowler Colors_Wildberry purple strawberry.jpg

Haven’t I heard of this before?

In September, the Wildberry Milkshake Sour hit liquor store and taproom shelves in a purple, limited-release crowler. You went nuts for it, so we knew it had to become something more. Thus, the Pastry Ale series was born.

We decided to add to the taproom’s crowlers this time with a liquor store release of 4-pack cans. The shareable, crushable, and photographable 4-packs are designed by Michael Byzewski of Aesthetic Apparatus.

_Pastry Ale-1.jpg

What’s a Pastry Ale?

The first iterations of the Pastry Ale series are inspired by our Gose ale, a sour style beer. Our traditional Gose is tart and fruity with refreshing, bright flavors that compliment the sour kick you get with each sip. The tartness comes mostly from Sour Patch Kids (not really), but also from Sour Pitch, a lactic acid bacteria we add in the kettle, which brings characteristics not just of tartness, but also citrus and green apple.

We started fruiting our Gose during fermentation to highlight its tart and sometimes sweet fruit flavors. The Gose’s low pH creates a crisper, sharper flavor than other styles, which in combination with low bitterness and unique tartness, lend this style well to fruit additions.

To create the “milkshake” effect in the Wildberry Milkshake Sour, we add lactose and vanilla, which enhance the sugary character of the fruit and mellow the tartness of the lactic acid bacteria. The effect is similar to putting whipped cream on a berry-filled pastry or ordering your pie à la mode. It’s crushable, shareable, and refreshingly unique.

Official Beer Description:

Our tart Gose brewed with a whole lotta raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Addition of lactose and vanilla make this wild lil thing into a sweet, sweet milkshake.  5.5% ABV // 20 IBUs

Where can I buy it?

We’re keeping these releases extremely limited, which means you have to stay on your toes if you want to get your mitts on them. The full list of locations to purchase 4-pack cans will be available on our Instagram stories and Twitter feed starting Tuesday February 12, plus we’ll update this blog with the list as well. Crowlers will be available for purchase in the taproom beginning Tuesday as well. You can plan to see a new iteration in the Pastry Ale series every two to four months.

Update: Delivery Day

We’re working to deliver as much of the Pastry Ale: Wildberry Milkshake Sour today as we can. But, for the safety of our driver (the guy whose hand you see in all the drop photos), we’re going to keep an eye on the weather and consider continuing deliveries tomorrow and Thursday. The route so far for today (Tuesday) is:

Market BBQ (keg)
Top Valu Liquor - Central Ave in NE
Central Ave Liquor - Central Ave in NE
Ombibulous - Hennepin Ave in NE
Dinkytown Wine & Spirits
Surdyk’s Liquor - NE
North Loop Wine
Smack Shack (keg)
First Draft (keg)

Additional Updates:
Kowalski’s Uptown
Henn-Lake - Uptown
South Lyndale
Liquor Boy - St. Louis Park
Liquor Barrel - Golden Valley
Lakeside - Long Lake

Wednesdsay Updates:
Princeton Liquors - Maple Grove
Wayzata Wine & Spirits
Vicksburg Liquor
Glen Lake Wine & Spirits
Kowalski’s Excelsior
Eden Prairie Liquor Stores 1, 2, and 3
Tonka Bottle
Shorewood Liquors
Harbor Wine & Spirits
Zipp’s Liquor
Falls Liquor
Cork Dork
Ken & Norm’s Liquors
Elevated Beer & Spirits - Minneapolis
99 Bottles - Moorhead area
Bridgeview - Moorhead area

Thursday Updates:
Top Ten Liquors - St. Louis Park
Top Ten Liquors - Chanhassen
The Vintage - Chanhassen
Hy-Vee - Shakopee
Lakeville Liquor Stores - Galaxie and Kenrick
Blue Max Liquors - Burnsville

More for Thursday:
Hy-Vee - Brooklyn Park
Hy-Vee - New Hope
Top Ten Liquors - Osseo
Top Ten Liquors - Blaine

Friday Updates:
Top Ten Liquors - Woodbury
Crooked Pint Minneapolis (keg)
Yarmo Liquors
McDonald’s Liquors
Minnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits
Elevated Beer & Spirits - White Bear Lake
Stinson Wine, Beer, and Spirits