The party of the summer has yet to arrive. Join us at Nershfest 2019 for a block party filled with all the good things: local bands, craft beer, and food trucks.

The fest wouldn’t be possible without our local sponsors: Alexander’s Import Auto Repair, The Loop, Red Cow, Graze Provisions & Libations, and North Loop Liquors. Give ‘em a holler if you see them!

What’s with the name?

Nershfest Aliens.jpg

Nershfest, taking place on August 17 2019, is a music festival started by three friends in their own back yard. Inspired by the groovy attitude of Bill Nershi—lead guitarist for the band String Cheese Incident—the friends created a Spotify playlist festival featuring “sets” from streaming artists on their back yard stage. Thus, Nershfest was born.

Eventually the festival grew from the friends’ back yard to the brewery, adding live bands to the streaming lineup. Inbound is proud to host the seventh annual Nershfest at our taproom. Musical performances will feature four local bands on the outdoor stage plus streaming artists—a Nershfest tradition we’d never let die—on the indoor stage.

Live bands include:

Ali & The Scoundrels

Screaming horns, driving rhythms and powerful voices hit you as soon as Ali and the Scoundrels take the stage. Blue-eyed Ali Fisch leads the 9-piece Scoundrels in blending the sounds of their favorite '60s soul 45s with the indie rock they cut their teeth on. Formed in the cold winters of Minneapolis, they have made it their mission to heat up dance floors wherever they find them.

Purple Funk Metropolis

Purple Funk Metropolis is a charismatic six-piece instrumental band with a lively sound inspired by rock, jazz, funk, and old-school soul. With driving melodies at the forefront of the groove they build the party from the ground up with every performance. Whether in a Como basement or a downtown dive bar, Purple Funk's energy notoriously gets the whole room dancing.


Barbaro is an award-winning progressive bluegrass band from Minnesota. Their music is at once lively and intimate, perfect for twirling around the dance floor or cooking with someone you love. The Minneapolis-Winona quartet have built momentum around their dynamic sound, each set flowing naturally between energetic jams and contemplative interludes.


Known for their songwriting and improvisational live performances, Frogleg would be best described as a soul band, as their influences are not drawn from one specific genre. A typical Frogleg show usually features a unique blend of Funk, Reggae, Rock and Jazz exploration.

Nershi Nectar Can-8.jpg

And you know there will be beer:

You can purchase beer inside the taproom as well as at outdoor beer tents. Every person who wishes to drink must bring a valid ID and get a wristband from our ID tent.

In addition to a wide-ranging tap list and can availability, we’ll also have Nershi Nectar exclusively in cans. We brewed Nershi Nectar in collaboration with the Nershfest founders. It’s a hazy, hoppy wheat beer that we can’t wait for you to try. North Loop Liquors is the exclusive can vendor of Nershi Nectar.

Additional fun:

Three food trucks will be on-site serving up snacks for you to nosh while you Nersh. Sandy’s Grill, Blue Fire Pizza, and El Burrito Mercado are all ready to fill your bellies.

Bootlegger Brewing is pouring kombucha, and Northern Soda will have their Minnesota-made craft sodas available.

Shameless, Inc. will be live-printing Nershfest-branded swag for purchase. Here’s a look at the tshirt designs.

Late Night DJ:

We’re rounding out the party with late-night DJ, Ms. Lakesha! After the party in the road ends at 10pm, we’re heading back inside the taproom to dance the night away (and enjoy some snacks from Red Cow).

Schedule for the day:

11:00 - Inbound BrewCo taproom opens, Nershi Nectar is available for $3 in cans now until 3pm

2:00 - Road opens for partying, food trucks, and outdoor beer and beverage tents (Nershi Nectar available outdoors as well)

3:30 - Ali & The Scoundrels take the stage

5:15 - Purple Funk Metropolis starts to jam

7:00 - Barbaro gets groovy

8:45 - Frogleg finishes the night outside

10:00 - Road reopens to traffic, food trucks close, we all head inside the taproom to continue the party

10:01 - Ms. Lakesha lights up the stage for a late-night DJ set, complete with free snacks from Red Cow

Midnight - You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here


What is the cost?
Nershfest is FREE. Beer and other goodies can be purchased with cash or card.

Can I bring kids?
Inbound is kid-friendly until 9pm. Know this event involves beer drinking in the road, so use your discretion.

Can I bring my dog?
Inbound is always dog-friendly. However, hot August asphalt is not kind to dog paws, and crowds aren’t for everyone. Again, use your discretion and listen to your pup’s needs.

Do I need an ID?
EVERY person who wants to drink beer needs to bring a valid ID, no matter who you are, how old you are, or how many times Inbound has served you in the past.

Can my band play?
The lineup is set, but if you’re interested in playing at future Nershfests, email