We’ve been itching to release this beer, and it’s finally here. Conifer Crush DDH IPA is coming to cans on 4/20.


The Legend of Bigfoot

According to Wikipedia, which we can quote because this isn’t 9th grade English, “In North American folklore, Bigfoot or Sasquatch are said to be hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creatures that dwell in the wilderness and leave footprints. They are strongly associated with the Pacific Northwest, and individuals claim to see the creatures across North America” (perhaps even in Minnesota’s own north woods).

Can art by Aesthetic Apparatus, who will be selling select prints at our anniversary on 4/20.

Can art by Aesthetic Apparatus, who will be selling select prints at our anniversary on 4/20.

About the Beer

This Warrior and Simcoe hop blend is riper and stickier than pine sap and more refreshing than chopped firewood. Inspired by weekends among the conifer trees (with Bigfoot looming unseen just beyond the pines), brewed for drinking anywhere. 7% ABV // 76 IBU

We’ve released this beer in the taproom several times. Both you and us alike loved it too much to let it stay here, though. So, we’re releasing this beautiful Double Dry Hopped IPA into the wild where it can live freely and leave mysterious footprints. The sighting is brief though, as this beer will only be available in 4-packs seasonally.

About the Release

At the anniversary:

Want the first sip of this beautiful beast? The first 420 people to roll up at our anniversary on Saturday 4/20 get a ticket that's good for one $1 can of Conifer Crush that day. Tickets will be given out starting at 11am, and the cans release at Noon. Pints of Conifer Crush will be available for purchase all day at regular price.

At your local bars and liquor stores:

Waiting for Monday to get your beer fix? Weird flex, but ok. We’re releasing Conifer Crush cans and kegs to the market on Monday, 4/22. Keep an eye out on this blog, Twitter, or Instagram stories for locations.