Inbound International Women's Day Beer Pineapple Gose

We're lucky at Inbound BrewCo to employ some badass people. A handful of those people happen to be women who--obviously--love craft beer.

To commemorate International Women's Day on March 8, our brewers (Dennis Gerten and Robert Cone) invited the women of Inbound into the brewhouse for a day to make their own beer on February 6. Along with the brewers, the women helped prep for the brew day, mash in, keep records, adjust pH, grain out, and clean out the mashtun. Even the smallest members of the team jumped in and pulled their weight. 

While our team knows our beer backwards and forward, and they've got a pretty good handle on the brewing process, there is always room to grow. They learned about the order in which to mash in base malts, what the heck a vorlauf is, and how sore your shoulders can get from mashing. The hard work and problem solving our brew team employs daily will never be underestimated!

On March 8, the women will tap their beer--a Pineapple Gose--in Inbound BrewCo's Minneapolis taproom. The sour ale is infused with just enough sweet pineapple to remind you there's light at the end of this long wintry tunnel. The Gose rings in at 4.4% ABV and 20 IBUs.